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Vasectomy Facts

What is a vasectomy?
A vasectomy is a procedure performed under local anaesthetic to render the patient infertile.

It is the most effective form of contraception available bar hysterectomy, with a failure rate of just 1 in 2500. It is approximately 10 times more effective than the female version of the equivalent procedure tubal ligation.

Will I be off work for long?
Because of the advanced techniques that Vasectomy WA utilize, you can expect to be back performing nonphysical duties within just a couple of days, and back to full weight bearing duties and sports within just one to two weeks.

How much will it cost me?
At Vasectomy WA we firmly believe we are amongst the cheapest providers of vasectomies of the highest quality with exceptionally high patient satisfaction. The all-inclusive out of pocket costs is just
$330.75, and all associated consultations are bulk billed. (Note total amount payable is $495, from which Medicare will refund $105.55.)

What complications are there to be aware of?
Non-scalpel vasectomies have a proven track record of being a highly effective and safe procedure, and complications are uncommon.

Risks include scrotal bruising (1%), infection (<1%), cyst formation (1%), post vasectomy pain syndrome (a usually mild pain treated with over the counter painkillers for few weeks post op – 5%) and spontaneous reconnection of the vas so becoming fertile again (<0.01%). Almost all of the above complications are easily manageable and the doctor will discuss these at length with you.

Vasectomy reversals are expensive, not covered by Medicare and not always successful. Vasectomies should therefore be considered as a permanent procedure.

Sounds great. How do I take things forward?
Simply pop in! You will require a 20 minute appointment (bulk billed) to assess whether a vasectomy is appropriate for you. Once you are happy to proceed we will then book you in at your convenience.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.

How do we perform a vasectomy?
At Vasectomy WA we perform the most advanced technique available – non- scalpel vasectomy.
Performed through 2 keyhole incisions in the scrotum, the wounds are so small that they heal without stitches.

Through these incisions the doctor cuts the vas deferens (the tubes which carry sperm from the testicles), and then electrically seals the endings without requiring sutures.

How will I know if the procedure has worked?
The procedure will not work for the first 3 months until you have cleared out all sperm and so you must use alternative contraception during this period.

After 3 months a sample is sent for semen analysis and you will be informed with the outcome. Should it still show semen further samples would be taken at monthly periods until the sample returns a negative result.

Will it hurt?
Only whilst the doctor injects the local anesthetic, similar to having anaesthetic at the dentist! Once you are fully anaesthetized you can relax knowing that the procedure will be pain free.

If you prefer, we can provide light sedation prior to the procedure – we will discuss all options with you during the assessment appointment.

Will it affect my ability to have sex?
No – it does not interfere with the ability to have erections or have sex. Many men in fact report a much improved sex life post procedure in the knowledge that they need not feel inhibited by concerns regarding contraception.

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